What Is A Lift Station?

The purpose of having a lift station is to move waste from lower areas that cannot be drained into a gravity drain. Or when distance is over 300 feet to a gravity drain. The parts of a lift station are a below ground collection pit, a pump with a switch that float up and down with the level of water to turn on/off pump.

There are many different types of pumps that can be used to move bigger solids, grid materials, gallons per minute. Two pumps can be used for standby in the same collection pit. All lift stations need to be maintained so that loss of service can be avoided.

Sewage lift stations are an important part of the overall plumbing system and problems can become even bigger if repairs are put off or regular service is delayed. Most lift stations will have a high water alarm when pump fails to work to prevent flooding. Grinder pumps can work in conjunction with a lift station.

Consult with a professional plumber when dealing with a lift station installation, repair or replacement. A lift station design may be necessary when faced with a remodeling project that includes a bathroom in a lower level or basement.

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